How Did Fred Flintstone Meet Wilma?

Why do the Flintstones sleep in separate beds?

That show feels dated.

At the time, the networks wouldn’t allow scenes of even married couples sleeping in the same bed.


Did Dino ever talk Flintstones?

Dino stopped talking immediately after “The Snorkasaurus Story.” He also stopped serving as Wilma’s butler and answering the phone. He became a normal yapping pet. It is never explained why Dino hushed up after being brought into the Flintstones home.

Did the Flintstones have a cat?

Baby Puss is Fred and Wilma Flintstone’s pet saber-toothed cat and one of the recurring characters that rarely appeared in the original series, The Flintstones and the rest of the franchise.

Why are the Flintstones on Fruity Pebbles?

Less than five years later, because a group of cereal executives decided to tie these two unlikely commodities together, the Flintstones had a new gig hawking sugary breakfast cereal. Even though Fred Flintstone might not be as well known as he once was, he’s graced the boxes of Fruity Pebbles for over 50 years.

How did Fred Flintstone die?

He was 85. Corden died of emphysema Thursday night at AMI Encino Hospital, his longtime agent Don Pitts said Friday. Corden’s wife of nine years, Angelina, was with him at the time.

Who was Fred Flintstone based on?

Ralph Kramden4. THE FLINTSTONES DIDN’T COPY THE HONEYMOONERS. It’s true that Fred was based on Jackie Gleason’s Honeymooners character Ralph Kramden, but Joe Barbera made him different.

Who is Fred Flintstone’s wife?

Wilma FlintstonewifeFred Flintstone/Spouses

Why does Fred Flintstone say Yabba Dabba Doo?

Fred’s catchphrase is “Yabba-Dabba-Doo!”; Alan Reed, voice actor who provided Fred’s voice from 1960–1977, reportedly said the inspiration for the phrase came from his mother, who used to say, “A little dab’ll do ya,” probably borrowed from a Brylcreem commercial.

Is Wilma Flintstone rich?

7 Her Possibly Rich Family In the two live-action Flintstones movies, Wilma Flintstone’s mother is portrayed as very wealthy and disappointed that she would marry Fred, a man who is far lower on the socioeconomic totem pole than she is.

Who was the original voice of Wilma Flintstone?

Jean Vander PylThe FlintstonesJulie McWhirterThe Flintstone KidsTress MacNeilleYabba-Dabba DinosaursElizabeth FrazerThe Flintstone KidsWilma Flintstone/Voiced by

How did Barney and Betty get BAM?

Biography. Bamm-Bamm is the adopted son of Betty Rubble and Barney Rubble after they found him left on their doorstep. After meeting his next-door neighbor Pebbles, he falls in love with her. Bamm-Bamm’s “nickname” came from a note left in the basket, causing Barney and Betty confusion over the strange name.

What’s Fred Flintstone’s daughter called?

Pebbles FlintstonePebbles Flintstone (also known as Pebbles Flintstone-Rubble as an adult) is a fictional character in the Flintstones franchise. The red-haired daughter of Fred and Wilma Flintstone, Pebbles is born near the end of the third season.

What does Yabba Dabba mean?

An expression of happiness or excitement.

How old are Flintstones?

EpisodesSeasonEpisodesOriginally airedFirst aired128September 30, 1960232September 15, 1961328September 14, 19624 more rows

What did Barney Rubble do for a living?

While the subject of Barney’s occupation (or even if he had one) was never given during the original series, the majority of subsequent spinoffs suggest at some point after the original series, Barney went to work at the Slate Rock and Gravel Company quarry alongside Fred as a fellow dino-crane operator.

What was Fred and Wilma’s last name?

The Flintstone’s top two characters, “Fred Flintstone”, (voice of Alan Reed) “Wilma Flintstone” (voice of Jean Vander Pyl) and their nearby neighbors, the Rubbles, “Barney Rubble” (voices of Mel Blanc & Daws Butler and “Betty Rubble” (voices of Bea Benaderet, in first four seasons & Gerry Johnson, in seasons five and …

How old is Jean Vander Pyl?

79 years (1919–1999)Jean Vander Pyl/Age at death

What does Fred Flintstone wear on his neck?

Like Fred Flintstone Ralph Kramden is usually wearing a necktie. … It could be to take the rough edges off of him his creators gave him his trademarked prehistoric fashioned necktie. His tie is always one solid color and has a rough unfinished look which lends itself to his other apparel.