How Do I Make My SharePoint Site Public?

How can I tell who has access to my SharePoint site?

To do this:Click on Gear Icon > Site Settings.Under User and Permissions, choose Site Permissions.In the top ribbon, choose Check Permissions.In the User field, type the user’s name and click Check Now.You will now see what kind of permissions the user has on a site and via which security group (if applicable).

Can a SharePoint site be public?

Because SharePoint Online was never designed to host public sites. NOTE: On March, 9, 2015 Microsoft removed the ability to create a new public Web site. Customers who had already created a public Web site were given two years to move their Web sites to a different hosting provider.

How do I change a SharePoint site from private to public?

Change privacy from Private to Public Let’s change the privacy settings to Public (Your Team -> ellipses -> Edit Team), and go back to SharePoint.

How do I make SharePoint accessible to everyone?

As a workaround, follow these steps to grant Everyone in your organization read access to a SharePoint Project Site:From the site Settings (wheel) Menu, choose Shared with…Click the ADVANCED link.On the Permissions ribbon click Grant Permissions.On the Share window, click SHOW OPTIONS.Type “Everyone” in Invite people.More items…•

How do you make a SharePoint view public?

How to make a personal view public in SharePointOnce you set the “Audience” of the view you can no longer change this. … Select “Start from an existing view” and click the name of your view.Now you see that the option to create a public view is disabled. … Now you use the developer tools of your browser to change the “disabled” attribute on the radio button.More items…•

Is Microsoft discontinuing SharePoint?

On October 2, 2017, when Microsoft deletes the public site collection in SharePoint Online, customers will no longer have access to the content, images, pages or any other files that reside on their public website. Customers can, however, recover their content through the Recycle Bin.