How Does Chaucer Feel About The Franklin?

What social class is the Miller?

The drunk, swearing Miller represents an individual of both low class and low character.

His interrupting the Host, insulting the Knight, and taking the Monk’s place would have been shocking behavior in Chaucer’s time.

Chaucer used this scenario to challenge the social order, especially the clergy..

What did a Franklin do in medieval times?

The Franklin, in a medieval nonfiction society, is a responsible landowner. Typically, the land that was owned was called a manor or a feudal. He would tend to the people, crops and religiously related matters as needed.

What does the Franklin look like?

The Franklin is a wealthy member of the middle class, and he wears a white silk purse on a belt next to his dagger. In the Ellesmere manuscript, an illustrated medieval manuscript of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, the Franklin is depicted wearing a vibrant red coat and a hat, and his silk purse looks fairly ornate.

How does Chaucer feel about the Miller?

Chaucer clearly paints the miller with many negative characteristics: he steals grain from his customers and overcharges them, he interrupts others to tell his tale which the narrator presents as inappropriate and offensive, and Chaucer’s description in the general prologue paints him as gross and brutish.

How does the miller cheat his customers?

The Miller grinds grain at the mill to produce flour and meal. He is dishonest, however, and Chaucer says the Miller has ‘a thombe of gold. ‘ In other words, he places a heavy thumb on the scales to cheat his customers.

What is the theme of the Millers tale?

Themes in the Miller’s tale include love and sex, lies and deceit, and competition. John the carpenter is deeply in love with his young wife, Alison. He goes to great lengths in an attempt to save her life from a flood.

What’s the Miller like in terms of physical build?

What the physical build of the miller? He’s huge, with a red beard, wide black nostrils, a gaping mouth, and a wart on his nose. He is massive.

What does the Miller do?

A miller is a person who operates a mill, a machine to grind a grain (for example corn or wheat) to make flour. Milling is among the oldest of human occupations.

What did a Franklin do?

Benjamin Franklin was a Founding Father and a polymath, inventor, scientist, printer, politician, freemason and diplomat. Franklin helped to draft the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, and he negotiated the 1783 Treaty of Paris ending the Revolutionary War.

How does Chaucer feel about religion?

Within Chaucer’s novel, he seems to constantly touch on the theme of religious corruption with characters like the Friar and the Pardoner. However, he also shows his respect for faith in the simpler forms when he describes the Parson and his role in his church.

What is a Franklin Chaucer?

A “franklin” is a gentry landowner, a member of the nobility. … The Franklin takes pleasure in eating and drinking, and in providing pleasure to others through generous entertaining. This is why he is known as “Saint Julian” in his region, for Saint Julian is the patron saint of hospitality.

How did Chaucer feel about the Pardoner?

From his prologue and tale, the reader discovers that the Pardoner is well read, that he is psychologically astute, and that he has profited significantly from his profession. Yet Chaucer places him at the very bottom of humanity because he uses the church and holy, religious objects as tools to profit personally.