Question: How Do You Say Hello In Jamaican?

How do you say goodbye in Jamaican?

Saying “bye” in Jamaican patois can be done in several ways.

Informally, when saying bye to friends you can say “likkle muore” which means “see you later.” Another common way of saying bye in Jamaican is “mi ah guh guh” which means “I’m going now.” One more way of saying “bye” is “mi wi si yuh.”.

How do you say Girl in Jamaican?

Patois: Hey gyal! Wah yuh name? English: Hey Girl!

How do you say your welcome in Jamaican?

You’re welcome. Yuh welkom; long welkom.

Does Jamaica have 2 flags?

The flag consists of a gold saltire, which divides the flag into four sections: two of them green (top and bottom) and two black (hoist and fly). It is currently the only national flag that does not contain the colors red, white, or blue.

What is a Yardie man?

Yardie (or Yaadi) is a term often used, particularly within the Caribbean expatriate and Jamaican diaspora community, to refer to persons of Jamaican origin, though its exact meaning changes depending on context. The term is derived from the Jamaican patois for home or “yard”.

How do you greet someone in Jamaica?

Greetings – How to greet someone in PatoisWeh Yuh Up To / Weh Yuh Ah Deal Wid.Howdy Do / How yuh duh / Howdeedo.Yuh Good.Good Mawning / Gud Mawning – Good Morning.Good Evening / Gud Evening – Good Evening.More items…

How do you say good morning in Jamaican?

Note: there is no standard way of spelling Jamaican, and there are different ways of writing many words….Useful phrases in Jamaican.PhraseJimiekn / Patwah (Jamaican)Good morning (Morning greeting)Gud mawninGood afternoon (Afternoon greeting)Good evening (Evening greeting)Gud evening Gud evenlingGood nightGud nite57 more rows

Are you OK Jamaican?

Yuh Gud? – Are you good / Are you ok? A very common greeting used to ask a person if they are ok and/or if everything is well with them.

What is a Gyal?

GYAL means “Girl”.

What does Bomboclaat actually mean?

According to the Urban Dictionary, ‘bomboclaat’ is defined as a “common Jamaican expletive” used to express either extreme of excitement or sadness. As one Twitter user pointed out though, it has nothing to do with being a greeting or asking for one’s experience, like Sco tu pa manaa does.

Why do Jamaicans not eat pork?

Born in Jamaica in the 1930s, the Rastafari tradition worships Halie Selassie, the then emperor of Ethiopia, who ruled for 43 years. … Some Rastafarians consider pork to be an unclean meat and compare touching it to touching death. They follow a vegan diet and eat only “Ital” foods, mostly raw fruits and vegetables.

How do you say shut up in Jamaican?

‘Mi deh yah, yuh know’ Impress locals with this handy phrase which is often used in response to Wah Gwaan. The secret is in the pronunciation and the trick is to say it fast – almost as one word.

What is a patois?

noun plural patois (ˈpætwɑːz, French patwa) an unwritten regional dialect of a language, esp of French, usually considered substandard. the jargon of particular group.

How do you say how’s it going in Jamaican?

Definition Pronounced as “waa gwaan”, the literal translation is “what’s going on” but when used as a greeting, it can also mean “What’s up”. Different variation of “Wah gwaan” may be used but they all have the same meaning. These include; wah deh gwaan, whatta gwaan or waguan (pronounced wa-goo-ahn).

How do you say love in Jamaican?

‘Boonoonoonoos’ Boonoonoonoos is a Jamaican saying to express love. In plain English, it translates to “special person”. When you have a loved one with you on vacation, you might want to refer to him or her as a “boonoonoonoos friend” to express your feelings.

How do you say safe in Jamaican?

“Walk gud / tek care” – Stay Safe / Take Care. Walk good in this sense means to stay out of trouble or to be careful. This is one of the creative terms that does not translate to its literal meaning.