Question: What Does A Bit Of A Mouthful Mean?

What is the meaning of enchantress?


a woman who practices magic; sorceress.

an irresistibly charming or fascinating woman: an enchantress who breaks men’s hearts..

What is a synonym for beauty?

SYNONYMS. attractiveness, prettiness, good looks, pleasingness, comeliness, allure, allurement. loveliness, charm, appeal, heavenliness, voluptuousness. winsomeness, grace, elegance, exquisiteness. splendour, magnificence, grandeur, impressiveness, picturesqueness, artistry, decorativeness.

What is another word for every?

What is another word for every?eachallanyevery singleeach and everyeach individualeach particulareach respectiveeach separateeach single12 more rows

What does in a little bit mean?

A little bit and a bit are common idiomatic phrases in English meaning “a small amount.” … This phrase may sound redundant because the word bit on its own can mean “piece” (as in “a bit of news”), so “a little bit” is often preferred to reinforce the idea of smallness.

What type of word is say?

verb (used without object), said [sed], say·ing [sey-ing]. to speak; declare; express an opinion.

How do you use mouthful in a sentence?

Mouthful sentence examplesShe choked down a mouthful of food. … He stared at her intently while he chewed a mouthful of food. … She swam as far from the beach as she could, expelled her breath, then drew in a mouthful of water. … Pete sprayed a mouthful of coffee with his snicker.More items…

What is a mouthful of food called?

Part of speech: Morsel is a tiny piece or amount of something, especially food.

What is a Belle?

noun. a woman or girl admired for her beauty and charm. the most beautiful, charming, or engaging woman or girl among a number: the belle of the ball.

What does Glutch mean?

DON’T VACILLATE! to waver in mind or opinion; be indecisive or irresolute.

What are morsels?

A morsel is a small amount of something, a tid-bit, a sliver, usually of something of high-quality and much desired — like a morsel of dark chocolate or a morsel of secret information. Originally it referred specifically to food — a nineteenth century lady might partake of a “dainty morsel” to eat, for example.

What does that’s a mouthful mean?

“That is a mouthful to say” is sometimes used when people learn a very difficult name or very long name. “That is a mouthful to say” is sometimes used when people learn a very difficult name or very long name. See a translation.

What does a bit of alright mean?

a bit of alright (plural bits of alright) (chiefly Britain, Australia) an attractive or sexy person.