Question: What Happens If I Sue Someone And Lose?

Can you sue for lost time?

You can sue for lost wages in small claims court up to the jurisdictional limit.

However, in your case, there are no “lost wages” to recover, since you are claiming the loss as a result of time spent in court..

Is suing someone expensive?

Lawsuits can be expensive, and recovering your attorneys’ fees is often not an option. Ask your lawyer for an estimate of legal fees, and do the math. It may be cheaper to settle. Get legal advice from an attorney you trust and consider the amount of money you could win compared to the amount you’d get in a settlement.

What happens if you sue someone with no money?

If the party you are suing does not have any money, assets or a job, you may not be able to collect your judgment. However, a judgment is valid for 10 years and financial situations change. Consider all of this when you decide if you want to sue. For more information on Judgments refer to Judgment and Court Costs.

Can you sue someone if there are no damages?

In order to have a good case with a civil lawsuit you must clearly identify how you have been injured and demand something to fix that injury. … You have not incurred any damage and you cannot sue someone for the risk of potential future injury or loss.