Question: What Is Another Word For Inspection?

What is inspection and what are the stages of inspection?

Inspection process The entry criteria might be a checklist including items such as “The document has been spell-checked”.

The stages in the inspections process are: Planning, Overview meeting, Preparation, Inspection meeting, Rework and Follow-up.

The Preparation, Inspection meeting and Rework stages might be iterated..

What is another word for inspected?

Some common synonyms of inspect are examine, scan, and scrutinize.

What is the antonym of inspection?

▲ Opposite of careful examination or scrutiny. ignorance. neglect. indifference.

What are two synonyms for scrutinize?

Some common synonyms of scrutinize are examine, inspect, and scan. While all these words mean “to look at or over,” scrutinize stresses close attention to minute detail.

What is another word for Ensure?

Some common synonyms of ensure are assure, insure, and secure.

What is the meaning of inspection?

the act of looking at something carefully, or an official visit to a building or organization to check that everything is correct and legal: … She arrived to carry out/make a health and safety inspection of the building.

What does scrutiny mean?

noun, plural scru·ti·nies. a searching examination or investigation; minute inquiry. surveillance; close and continuous watching or guarding.

What does self scrutiny mean?

examination of one’s own thoughts and feelings. not one for self-scrutiny, the president was known for never looking back or second-guessing himself.

What are the types of inspection?

The Three Types of Quality InspectionsPre-production Inspection. During the pre-production phase, raw materials should be tested before entering production. … In-line Inspection. Additional inspections should take place during various stages of production. … Final Inspection.

What is purpose of inspection?

The purpose of inspection is to check weather the product is manufactured according to the standards. and specfication by checking the products randomly.

What’s another word for audit?

Audit Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for audit?inspectionsurveycheckexaminationreviewscrutinyinvestigationscananalysisappraisal119 more rows

How do you evaluate something?

A woman evaluates a gemstone to determine it’s value. To evaluate is defined as to judge the value or worth of someone or something. An example of evaluate is when a teacher reviews a paper in order to give it a grade.

What is another name for evaluation?

What is another word for evaluation?assessmentappraisalestimationvaluationappraisementestimatejudgementUKanalysisdeterminationjudgmentUS170 more rows

What is a investigate?

transitive verb. : to observe or study by close examination and systematic inquiry. intransitive verb. : to make a systematic examination especially : to conduct an official inquiry.

Is scrutiny a negative word?

Scrutiny is neither negative nor positive. It just means that something has been investigated carefully and openly. The result of scrutiny can be good or bad depending on the subject being scrutinised.