Question: What Is The Female Version Of William?

Can Joshua be a girl’s name?

Gender Popularity of the Name “Joshua” Boy or Girl.

Joshua: It’s a boy.

Since 1880, a total of 1,149,416 boys have been given the name Joshua while 2,916 girls were named Joshua..

Is Aaron a female or male name?

Aaron is a hellenized Hebrew masculine given name. The ‘h’ phoneme in the original Hebrew pronunciation “Aharon” (אהרן) is dropped in the Greek, Ααρών, from which the English form, Aaron, is derived. Aaron the brother of Moses is described in the Torah, the Quran and the Bah’ai Iqan.

What is the feminine of William?

Willa is the English feminine form of William. William is an Old French name of Germanic origin. … The defeated Anglo-Saxons wanted to assimilate. Very quickly thereafter, the name William hit the charts and eventually Willa followed as a female version of the name (the Germans use Wilhelmina and Wilma).

What is Archie short for?

Traditionally, Archie is short for the old-fashioned name Archibald. But over the years people have dropped a syllable and turned Archie into its own first name. It’s largely gone out of vogue in America.

Is Billie short for William?

The name William became very popular in the English language after the Norman conquest of England in 1066 by William the Conqueror. … It is sometimes abbreviated “Wm.” Shortened familiar versions in English include Will, Willy, Willie, Bill, and Billy. A common Irish form is Liam.

Is Erin male or female?

As a given name, Erin is used for both sexes, although, given its origins, it is principally used as a feminine forename. It first became a popular given name in the United States. Its US popularity for males peaked in 1974 with 321 boys registered with the name.

What animal was Arthur?

brown aardvarkSetting. Arthur Read, the series’s titular character, is an anthropomorphic eight-year-old brown aardvark who lives in the fictional town of Elwood City.

What’s Billie Eilish’s real name?

Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’ConnellBillie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell (/ˈaɪlɪʃ/ EYE-lish; born December 18, 2001) is an American singer and songwriter. She first gained attention in 2015 when she uploaded the song “Ocean Eyes” to SoundCloud, which was subsequently released by the Interscope Records subsidiary Darkroom.

What are different ways to spell Zoey?

Zoe (Greek: ζωή) is a female first name of Greek origin, meaning “Life”….Zoe (name)OriginMeaning”life”Other namesVariant form(s)Zoey, Zoí, Zoé, Zoie, Zoë, Zoee, Zoya, Zoi, ZöeRelated namesZooey, Joe, Joey3 more rows

Does Jesus mean Joshua?

Due to the numerous translations, the Bible has undergone, “Jesus” is the modern term for the Son of God. His original Hebrew name is Yeshua, which is short for yehōshu’a. It can be translated to ‘Joshua,’ according to Dr. Michael L.

What was Jesus real name?

YeshuaJesus’ name in Hebrew was “Yeshua” which translates to English as Joshua.

What is short for Arthur?

Arthur is a very common English masculine given name. … Art and Artie are diminutive forms of the name.

What is Bobbie Short for girls?

Bobby or Bobbie is a masculine and feminine hypocorism, given name and occasional nickname. It is usually a variant of Robert (male) or Roberta (female). It can also be short for the male name Roberto. The female version is also sometimes spelled “Bobbi” or “Bobi”.

What is the female version of Arthur?

ArturaArtura is the only genuine feminine form, it’s comes from [name]Arthur[/name]’s Celtic side rather than it’s Germanic roots. Arthuretta, [name]Arthurina[/name] and [name]Arthurine[/name] have all been used, but they’re more just “let’s stick a feminine ending on to an already established name”.

What is the female version of Joshua?

Baby NamesJosephina Meaning: Feminine of Joseph. Origin: French Gender: FemaleJoshlynn Meaning: Taken from the names Josh and Lynn. Origin: Unknown Gender: FemaleJosh Meaning: Abbreviation of Joshua Jehovah is salvation. Origin: Hebrew Gender: MaleJosie Meaning: God will add Origin: Hebrew Gender: Female8 more rows

What is Billie short for?

▼ as a girls’ name (also used less commonly as boys’ name Billie) is pronounced BILL-ee. It is of Old English origin. Originally a nickname for William. Now a feminine name, a short form for Wilhelmina (Old German) “will helmet, protection”.

How do you spell Aaron for a girl?

Aaron can be pronounced similar as ‘Air-ran’ or ‘Ah-ran’, but I think Erin is a much nicer name and no one ever pronounces it wrong. People tend to pronounce and spell Aaron incorrectly all the time.