Question: What Is The Opposite Of Inadvertent?

What is the opposite of predatory?

What is the opposite of predatory?gentletamecalmdocilemildsubduedsubmissive.

What’s another word for accidentally?

What is another word for accidentally?unintentionallyunexpectedlyinadvertentlyunconsciouslyadventitiouslyby mistakecasuallyincidentallyby accidentby chance79 more rows

What does dilapidated mean?

: decayed, deteriorated, or fallen into partial ruin especially through neglect or misuse a dilapidated old house.

How do you use retrieve in a sentence?

Retrieve sentence examplesShe dashed off to her room to retrieve it. … He eyed her warily and then leaned over to retrieve the bale. … She made a list of things she would need and a separate list of things she wanted to retrieve from the old house. … “One down, two to go,” he said and bent to retrieve the knife.More items…

What does fortuitously mean?

happening by chance: happening by chance. : having or showing good luck. See the full definition for fortuitous in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What is inadvertent behavior?

failing to act carefully or considerately; inattentive. 2. resulting from heedless action; unintentional. ˌinadˈvertently adv.

What means fetch?

to go to another placeFetch. Fetch means to go to another place to get something or someone and return with the thing or the person.

What part of speech is retrieve?

retrievepart of speech:transitive verbinflections:retrieves, retrieving, retrieved15 more rows

What is a synonym for inadvertent?

In this page you can discover 27 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for inadvertent, like: inattentive, heedless, negligent, accidental, unpremeditated, unthinking, careless, carless, unintended, unwitting and advertent.

What is inadvertent?

: not intended or deliberate : accidental an inadvertent mistake. Other Words from inadvertent. inadvertently adverb.

What is the opposite of retrieve?

retrieve. Antonyms: lose, forfeit, abandon, betray, surrender, impair, deteriorate. Synonyms: recover, regain, rescue, repair, restore.

What is the best synonym for indirect?

Synonyms forambiguous.ancillary.circuitous.implied.incidental.oblique.tortuous.collateral.

What word means an indirect reference?

Noun. A reference to something supposed to be known, but not explicitly mentioned. allusion. implication. insinuation.

What does inadvertent mean in law?

The absence of attention or care; the failure of an individual to carefully and prudently observe the progress of a court proceeding that might have an effect upon his or her rights.

Is predacious a word?

to waver in mind or opinion; be indecisive or irresolute.

What is a predator person?

A sexual predator is a person seen as obtaining or trying to obtain sexual contact with another person in a metaphorically “predatory” or abusive manner. Analogous to how a predator hunts down its prey, so the sexual predator is thought to “hunt” for his or her sex partners.

What is meant by accidentally?

If something happens accidentally, it didn’t happen on purpose — blame it on a mistake, chance, or outside forces. There are things you mean to do, like brushing your hair or buttoning your shirt. Then there are things you do accidentally: you didn’t mean for them to happen, but they happened anyway.

What does unexpectedly mean?

adjective. not expected; unforeseen; surprising: an unexpected pleasure; an unexpected development.

Who is called a predator?

A predator is an animal that hunts, catches, and eats other animals. For example, a spider eating a fly caught at its web is a predator, or a pack of lions eating a buffalo. The animals that the predator hunts are called prey. A top predator or apex predator is one that is not the prey of other predators.