Quick Answer: How Can I Send SMS Without Balance?

How can I send SMS without SIM?

Linkit One IoT: Sending SMS Without SIM CardStep 1: Event.

click on the event menu from your ubidots dashboard.

Step 2: Add Event.

click on the add event box.

Step 3: Data Source.

Choose the data source you want.

Step 4: Variable.

Choose the variable from the data source you just pick.

Step 5: IFTTT.

Step 6: Choose SMS Event.

Step 7: Event Name.

Step 8: Profit..

How can I send free SMS from Zong without balance?

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Can you send a text without a phone number?

Free Anonymous Text Messaging Websites Simply sign up with a username and password (or log in if you have an existing account) and text message with a random phone number. … Much like Pinger, you can also text back and forth anonymously using TextNow, which also has mobile versions on both the Android and iOS platforms.

How can I send free SMS online?

How to send texts onlineGo to opentextingonline.com.Choose a destination country.Enter the phone number.If you wish to receive replies to your text message by email, please enter your email address.Type your text message.Send a text or MMS or both.Wait for reply.Rinse and repeat.

How can I get Zong SMS loan?

Send a blank SMS to 911 or write “Rescue” in SMS and Send it to 911 and soon you will get advance credit within few seconds in your account. By this service, you can get a loan of Rs.

How can I send unlimited SMS for free?

Here is how you can save money and send free SMS with these Android apps that you can download on your phone.1 FreakySMS.2 Way2SMS.3 JustSMS.4 Textra SMS.5 SMS Text Messaging Texting SMS.6 GO SMS Pro.7 Free SMS to India.8 JaxtrSMS.

How can I send unlimited SMS?

Websites to send unlimited SMS to mobile Way2SMS. Way2SMS is a very old and reliable online SMS sending service that allows you to write up to 140 words in a single message. … YouMint. YouMint is yet another free website that lets you send unlimited SMS to any contact you want. … TextEm. … Send Anonymous SMS. … txtDrop.

Is there an app to send free SMS?

Text Free is one of the most popular free texting apps on Android. It also works on iOS where it is very popular. The app does what it says. You sign up for an account, claim a phone number, and start texting people.

How can I get Zong emergency SMS?

Service Mechanics:Dial *911#Send blank SMS to 911.