Quick Answer: How Old Is Maguire?

What is Harry Maguire nickname?

slabheadHarry Maguire, who was famously nicknamed ‘slabhead’ by his former Leicester City teammate Jamie Vardy, has earned a new nickname in the short time he has spent at Manchester United.

The 26-year-old centre back became the world’s most expensive defender when he completed an £80m move to Old Trafford this summer..

Is Harry Maguire a defender?

Jacob Harry Maguire (born 5 March 1993) is an English professional footballer who plays as a centre back for Premier League club Manchester United, whom he captains, and the England national team. … Two years later, he moved to Manchester United for a fee believed to be £80 million, a world-record amount for a defender.

Where did Harry Maguire come from?

Sheffield, United KingdomHarry Maguire/Place of birth

How much did Manu pay for Maguire?

Harry Maguire has been unveiled as Manchester United’s latest signing. (CNN) Harry Maguire has become the most expensive defender in football for nearly $100 million from Leicester City to Manchester United, eclipsing the price paid by Liverpool for Virgil van Dijk.

What position is Maguire?

DefenderHarry Maguire/Position

Why is Harry Maguire so expensive?

Premier League Most expensive defender of all-time There are various reasons that explain the huge sum spent on Maguire, such as the considerable market inflation in recent times, propelled by the Premier League’s expensive and juicy television contracts.

Who is the most expensive defender in the world?

Man United make Harry Maguire most expensive defender in the world, and Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk has a message for him. Virgil van Dijk had a warning for Harry Maguire after Manchester United made him the most expensive defender in the world.

How much is Maguire worth?

A news magazine reported Harry Maguire net worth $30 million in year 2019. Harry Maguire Net Worth ($15 Million) : Maguire become highest paid football player after moving to Manchester United. According to news reports, £80 million paid for his transfer fees from Leicester City to Manchester United.

Who has Harry Maguire signed for?

Manchester United F.C.Harry Maguire/Current teams

Did Harry Maguire signed for Manchester United?

Maguire signs for United Manchester United is delighted to confirm the signing of Harry Maguire from Leicester City. Harry signs on a six-year contract, with the option to extend for a further year. The 26-year-old England international joined Leicester in 2017 and has made 76 appearances, scoring five goals.

Who is the most expensive player in Manchester United?

Highest transfer fees paid Manchester United’s record signing is Paul Pogba, who signed for the club from Juventus for a world record fee of £89.3 million in August 2016.