Quick Answer: What Is Your Disposition Meaning?

What is your disposition?

Someone’s disposition is their mood or general attitude about life.

Disposition means the positive or negative way a person views the world.

In contrast, your character is determined by your inner moral values, and your personality reflects what you’re like as an individual..

What is another word for disposition?

Some common synonyms of disposition are character, personality, temperament, and temper.

What is a antonym for disposition?

Antonyms of DISPOSITION lawlessness, antipathy, loathing, repulsion, disinclination, disorganization, dislike, disarrangement, objectivity, hate, disgust, repugnance, detestation, hatred, gathering, mismanagement.

What’s the definition of nature?

: the physical world and everything in it (such as plants, animals, mountains, oceans, stars, etc.) that is not made by people. : the natural forces that control what happens in the world. : the way that a person or animal behaves : the character or personality of a person or animal.

Disposition. Filed Under: Criminal Law. Related Terms: The court outcome of a charge.

How do you use disposition in a sentence?

Disposition sentence examplesHe was a man of strong mind, honourable spirit and affectionate disposition, energetic both in speech and in writing. … All this, like the other parts of the disposition, was not and could not be executed. … This disposition on the left flank increased Pierre’s doubt of his own capacity to understand military matters.More items…

What does disposition mean in business terms?

A Disposition refers to the act of selling or otherwise ‘disposing’ of an asset or security. … The bottom line is that the investor has given up possession (disposed of) certain assets.

What is the difference between disposition and sentencing?

After a defendant is found guilty in a criminal case he/she will have a sentencing to determine punishment, whereas in juvenile court there is a “disposition” to determine what should happen to the juvenile.

What is disposition writing?

Disposition has been defined as a scheme of behavior, or script, that a student employs given a particular set of circumstances. … Writing disposition was mildly related to writing performance on the same timed persuasive essay writing task.

How do you know if charges are filed against you?

If charges have been filed against you, you can ask for a copy of the police report through the DA’s office. This report contains such information as the names of all people involved, incident description, and date and place of the incident.

What is an example of disposition?

noun. Disposition is defined as an arrangement of people or things or putting something in order. An example of disposition is a row of plants. The definition of disposition is a tendency. An example of disposition is someone who leans toward being happy.

What is a weak disposition?

If you describe someone as weak-kneed, you mean that they are unable or unwilling to do anything because they are influenced by a strong emotion such as fear.

What is a terminal disposition?

In California, terminal disposition refers to a type of sentencing. The sentence does not include probation, but can include fine, fees, community service, specific programs suited for the offense and/or various other court orders.

What does cheerful disposition mean?

adj. 1 having a happy disposition; in good spirits. 2 pleasantly bright; gladdening. a cheerful room.

What is a mental disposition?

Mental disposition is usually the readiness of an organism, when it perceives a given sign, to conceive another object with which the idea of the sign is associated. … Other mental forms associated constantly with a sign are, perceptions, representations, images, emotions, value experiences, impulses of will, etc.

How do you describe someone’s disposition?

Words that describe extroverted behavior include:Affable: friendly, good-natured, and easy to talk to.Amiable: displays a friendly or pleasant manner.Assertive: confident and forceful.Authoritative: commanding and self-confident; someone who is likely to be respected or obeyed.More items…

What is the difference between disposition and personality?

As nouns the difference between disposition and personality is that disposition is the arrangement or placement of certain things while personality is a set of qualities that make a person (or thing) distinct from another.