Quick Answer: Where Can I Get SSL Hours?

How do I get SSL hours?

Students interested in earning SSL hours at these facilities must submit MCPS Form 560-50, Individual Student Service Learning (SSL) Request, in advance of the service.

One SSL hour is awarded for every hour of service outside of the instructional day.

A maximum of 8 SSL hours may be earned in a 24-hour period..

How can I get easy SSL hours?

Best ways to earn easy SSL hoursTutoring other students – Certain clubs such as National Honor Society host events where students gather and help fellow students in a multitude of subjects. … Taking AP NSL – Taking AP NSL could quite possibly be one of the easiest ways to attain SSL hours.More items…•

What are SSL hours?

What does SSL Hours mean? SSL is an acronym for Student Service Learning. All students working toward Maryland State Department of Education diplomas must complete student service learning hours in addition to the graduation requirements of enrollment, credit, courses and competencies.

How many SSL hours do I need?

SSL Guidelines May begin earning student service learning (SSL) hours toward the 75-hour graduation requirement the summer after completing Grade 5. Hours are accrued throughout high school. May receive a maximum of 8 SSL hours in any 24-hour period earned outside of the instructional school day.

What is SSL in education?

SSL. Licentiate in Sacred Scripture. Development, Universities, Study.

What does SSLO mean?

Specific Student Learning Outcome. SSLO. Secure Socket Layer Orchestrator (networks) Note: We have 1 other definition for SSLO in our Acronym Attic.