Quick Answer: Where Do You Put JR On An Application?

Where do you put JR in a name?

In writing, a comma is used to separate the surname and the suffixes Jr.

and Sr., though the trend is now toward dropping the comma.

Junior, when spelled out, is written with a lower case j..

Where do you put JR when last name first with middle initial?

Smith Jr. When used in this context, the abbreviation is capitalized and a period follows it. If the name is written last name first, it should follow this pattern: Last Name, First Name Middle Initial., Suffix. For example, “Williams, Mark A., III.”

Do you have to have the same middle name to be a junior?

From Behind the Name: “Junior is used to distinguish a son with the same name as his father. … The Junior must be a son of the father, not a grandson. The names must be exactly the same, including the middle name.

What is the female equivalent of junior?

‘Junior’ is actually genderless, and simply means ‘younger’. It’s not common to use for females, but it can (and has been) used on occasion.

What is the difference between JR and II?

While both mean the name has been used previously in their lineage, a junior (Jr.) means the child is named after a parent, while “the second” (II) indicates the exact same name was used previously by someone in the family, such as a grandparent or cousin. These suffixes are not just for men, women can also be Jr.

Where do you put JR when listing last name first?

When listing last name first, the given name follows the surname because that is how we sort: all the Does, then the Johns, and finally the Jr. s. Doe, John Jr. Use a comma before Jr.

Where do you put Sr in a name?

You have asked the 1000th question to ASK GRAMMAR! According to the Chicago Style Manual, which devotes a lot of space to this kind of thing, a suffix like “Sr.” is retained when the name is inverted for indexing but is placed after the given name following a comma: Roosevelt, Theodore, Jr. Moffett, Mrs. James, Sr.

Is JR first name or last name?

The terms Jr. and II can both be correctly used if a child’s first, middle, and last names are identical to his or her parent’s (current) names. When the suffixes are spelled out in full, they are always written with the first letter in lower case.

Does JR have a period at the end?

Do not use a period to end a sentence which ends with an abbreviation which itself ends with a period. Typical abbreviations which end with a period are: Mr., Mrs., Ms., St. (street or Saint), Mt. (mountain), Dr., Jr., Fri., Feb., a.m. and p.m. (Note: Do not abbreviate professor to Prof.