What Is Banana In Other Languages?

What does banana rhyme with?

WordRhyme ratingMeterbandanna100[x/x]cabana100[x/x]grana100[/x]bandana100[x/x]96 more rows.

How do you say banana in other languages?

In other languages bananaAmerican English: banana.Arabic: مَوْزBrazilian Portuguese: banana.Chinese: 香蕉Croatian: banana.Czech: banán.Danish: banan.Dutch: banaan.More items…

Is banana the same in every language?

But “banana” is a very… … cross-lingual word to represent the fruit itself.

What is the another name for banana?

What is another word for banana?jokestercomedianjosherstand-up comictop bananasecond bananastraight personlife of the partydagfunny man66 more rows

What do other countries call bananas?

So, in conclusion, bananas are called guineos in the DR and some other places because they came from an area in West Africa known as Guinea, which in turn gave its name to the island in South East Asia, now called Papua New Guinea, where bananas came from in the first place.

What do Dominicans call bananas?

GuineosWhy Are Bananas Called ‘Guineos’ in the Dominican Republic’?

What is guineo in Spanish?

Guineos (pronounced [ɡiˈneos]) usually refers to an unripe banana. The term guineo is sometimes used in reference to its ripened counterpart: the yellow (ripened) banana.

What we call banana in English?

British English: banana /bəˈnɑːnə/ NOUN. A banana is a long curved fruit with a yellow skin. … a bunch of bananas. American English: banana.

What is banana in Welsh?

Welsh Word of the Day: Ffrwchnedd (Banana).

How do you pronounce Nike?

Similarly sporting brand Nike has caused much debate about the pronunciation of its name, taken from the Greek goddess of victory. The name is pronounced ‘ni-key’ not ‘nyke’ as it is commonly known.

What do Cubans call bananas?

Plátano’Plátano’ is the main Spanish term for the banana fruit in Mexico, Chile, Peru, Spain, and parts of Cuba. However, it also has other meanings —such as plantain and the banana plant— depending on the Latin American country, especially Central America.

How did banana get its name?

The name banana originates from the Arabic word ‘banan’ which, rather logically, means finger. Its scientific name is musa sapientum, and means “fruit of the wise men”. Early written references to the banana were discovered in Sanskrit dating back to the year 500 BC.

Which country eats most bananas?

EcuadorThe highest average per capita consumption of bananas in the world is in Ecuador, where residents eat an average of 218 pounds of bananas per person every year. The Ugandan word matooke means both “food” and “banana.”